Matrix Theory Is Nonsense

I read an interview of Peter Woit by John Horgan. You can read it HERE.

Peter Woit has an excellent blog, “Not Even Wrong”, and posted about his interview with Horgan, HERE. I posted my reply and support of Woit’s position on his blog, and I reprint the reply here:

I liked your interview with John Horgan. I would add that there is another critique of Bostrum et al and the Matrix theory, and that is one of infinite regress. If we are in a simulation, then there is no reason to think that the creatures controlling us in our simulation are not themselves simulations, etc. ad infinitum. Obviously, there has to be a stopping point – there has to be someone who is not a simulation running the simulation for the simulation to exist in the first place. However, given the formulation as one of computability in the Matrix theory, where any entity who can simulate can also be simulated, there is no logical reason why it can’t be ad infinitum – it’s turtles all the way up! Therefore: the Matrix theory is impossible, and thinking about it is a colossal waste of time. Cheers!