The Burial of Alien Ghosts


I have a new record out – The Burial of Alien Ghosts – with Robin Storey.

“The Burial of Alien Ghosts” is a musical construction by Henry Warwick and Robin Storey. The process was simple: to take each track of Robin’s early Rapoon record, “Raising Earthly Spirits”, and then process them, using a variety of features in Ableton Live. The processes included extracting Melody and Harmonic data from the original works and then converting them to MIDI data. This MIDI data was then edited and portions stripped into different channels, each with synthesizers programmed with unique sound designs, and then mixed from there. In this way, Henry did no playing or performing – a kind of “uncreative” music creativity. This method of working was prominent on previous works of Henry’s, and used to great effect on his records “Flirting with Camus: By Appointment”, and “Something Old / Something New”. One of the tracks, on this volume, Chore, features a short loop sampled directly from the song, Ochre. Everything else in the song is derived as described above.

The titles of the songs are anagrams of the original titles, and the title of the album is an obvious inversion of the original.

In the interest of fairness and as a generally good idea, Henry and Robin will receive no compensation from this record.

Every dollar / euro / pound spent acquiring this music will be donated to help the homeless and split between two charities; one in Toronto, the West Neighbourhood House, and one in the UK, If you care to donate more than the requested amount, feel free. Those with nowhere to stay will appreciate your generosity.

(c) 2017, Robin Storey and Henry Warwick
Another fine Kether Production.


released August 1, 2017

Henry Warwick – Audio Processing, using Ableton Live
Robin Storey – Source Data