Flash is dead. Thank God.

And not a decade too soon. I always hated Flash. From the gitgo, it was a terrible program and was done so half assed from the start. It started as something cool – a way to make vector based animations. That’s all. Macromedia (MM) bought the company – FutureSplash – and turned it into Flash. Immediately, MM saw that Flash would be problematic for their mainstay program: Director, which used bandwidth hogging pixel based animations and a programming language, Lingo, for building CD ROM based applications. This was important, because your average computer had maybe 8 or 16MB of RAM, if that. CDRs provided a vast field of data storage, whcih could be co-ordinated with an app written in Director/Lingo. Flash changed that equation, and Director was dead meat. So, MM shoehorned the same structural concept of Director/Lingo into Flash using ActionScript. This meant MM didn’t have to layoff/payout expensive programmers – they could be shifted to Flash dev. The result was a clusterfuck called “Flash”. The Flash UI was terrible – counter intuitive and messy. Combined with MM shoehorning ActionScript into it, and then exploding its capabilities a la Lingo – just a horrible horrible mess. I could see immediately that MM was doomed. Especially after the Pajaro Dunes company meeting where Adobe was selected as “Enemy”. It was Schmitt fascism applied to corporate culture. Adobe won, although winning Flash isn’t much of a prize.