I sprained my wrist

I sprained my wrist . I was walking down the stairs, and slipped on the second to last stair. Losing my balance, I fell backwards. I slipped on the carpeted stairs, and my hand and wrist were twisted beneath me. As a consequence, I sprained my wrist. This has me less than happy. My right wrist and hand are now in an ace bandage and Velcro support. This means I can’t type anything . At least at any reasonable speed. So now I am discovering the wonders of the windows speech recognition system. Right now it is a slow and difficult to use. Right now, it is actually slower that typing. This is very frustrating. It means that I cannot play my keyboards either.  I have a lot of music I have to work on. I also have two books that are in close proximity of finish. I need to finish them. How I’m going to do this using speech recognition is completely beyond me. sigh. I have typed this entry into my blog using speech recognition. And took almost 15 minutes to do this. Grumble. Grumble. Grumble.