Clinton was no Progressive

What this article misses is the unifying language that the fundamental interests of the left are the actual, if unacknowledged or ignored, interests of the people who voted for Trump. Most of the Trump voters aren’t necessarily fascist sexist klansmen, although I am fairly certain that every fascist sexist klansman did vote for Trump. Most of them were just typical white middle Americans – fairly clueless, poorly informed, angry, and deeply frustrated. To quote the “liberal redneck” comedian Trae Crowder from a recent appearance on Real Time with Bill Maher, “racism and sexism were just the icing on the fuck-you cake they voted for.” I agree with the article in that there is no point in giving Trump or his agenda a hair’s breadth of daylight. I also agree that buying into the notion that Clinton’s some kind of progressive was and is foolish, and saying her voting record was 93% in accord with Bernie’s was stupid. As the article notes: Bleach is 93% water, and no one wants to drink it… Where their records diverge were critical. The other thing that he gets into and I also agree with is that Bernie was not a significant leftist. He is a left wing reformer, and like the author, I was fine with that at this election.However, times are different now, and the political atmosphere has darkened and stiffened. This will require more vigorous effort to rectify….


1970 Firesign Theatre Prophecy

Using software Goldman Sach’s New York headquarters has replaced 600 traders with 200 programmers. This echoes or rhymes with a record from 1970 by The Firesign Theatre, I Think We’re All Bozos On This Bus:

(…JIM…): Mister President – WHERE CAN I GET A JOB?

The President: Many busy executives ask me, “What about the job displacement market program in the city of the future?” Well, count on us to be there, (… JIM…), because, if we’re lucky tomorrow, we won’t have to deal with questions like yours ever again.

That’s from 1970. Stunning.