Free Idea

I’d write this up, but I don’t have time, so here’s a free idea:
Trump as Pere Ubu.

The latest studio configurationĀ 

I’ve cut back a good bit and reorganised things. I’m using the little keyboard to trigger the archaic rack mount stuff at far left: Roland string ensemble, Roland U220, and M1R. There is also a Yamaha CS2x off screen. The main set up is Novation Impule 61, Akai APC40, Novation Launchpad controlling Ableton Live. Sound is MOTU ultralite mk3 going into a JBL “big nob” volume control going to Event PS8 monitors. Also off screen is a miniAPC. 

Someday I would like to replace the PS8s with either Event Opals or equivalent pair of Focals. Also will replace M1R, U220 and string thing with software.