New Idea

So, in the coming year, I will be moving away from Facebook as my primary outlet point.

The way this works will be as follows:
I will post to my blog, NOVALARK. NOVALARK will automatically notify my Facebook account of the posting. My posts on NOVALARK will not permit comments. Commentary will be possible in Facebook. If you are reading this and want to comment on this or future posts, then feel free to friend me on Facebook. If you are already a friend on Facebook, then you can simply treat these notifications from NOVALARK as if they were posts within Facebook. Your comments will NOT appear on NOVALARK (all comments are turned off).

If you are wondering, NOVALARK is a quote from a story by William S Burroughs. Also, NOVA means New. I like that. Lark is a type of bird, so this is where my ideas can fly. Lark is also an adventure, and I like adventure. Lark is also a model of Studebaker, and all Studebakers are cool – but that’s not my point… So, a new adventure. A new flight.

I am finding that FB is a massive time suck and not a good place to compose – writing is easier in WordPress. I can just type and not be distracted by a constant barrage of fake news, bad news, obituaries, and trivial bullshit. I think this will be a much better workflow. Developing the commitment to do this will be another thing altogether, but that’s OK. It’s the holidays and I will ease it in as I go for the next several weeks.

Welcome to NOVALARK. I look forward to your feedback.